SharePoint Easy Copy or Move Files in Document Library

By default there is no convenient option available out of the box to move or copy files across different folders inside a library. Though you can use explorer view but it is not available in all scenarios especially when ribbon is hidden and you are using list view webpart to see the library.

I have created a project on codeplex called “SPEasyCopy” to resolve these issues.

In nutshell, this project allows easy moving and copying documents inside SharePoint document library.

Project Features

1. Easy document item menu options to copy and move files.

Custom Copy & Move Actions

Custom Copy & Move Actions

2. User can navigate easily between different folders in a library to locate the target folder.

Select Target Folder

Select Target Folder

3. No need to download files and upload again to copy same to different folder.
4. Explorer view is not required for copy & move operations.
5. No need to use manage site content and structure option just to copy few files in library.


Rahul Babar


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